03 December 2011

Interrogator Droid IT-O

Remember the visually frightening droid in the Star wars: A New Hope movie, when Princess Leia is being questioned by Darth Vader in her prison cell? Remember that black sphere of death with a syringe that floated into her room to toture her? Well this is it!

I had a great time working on it, but it was quite difficult to make because of all of the attachements that it has and all the lines I had to carve. Other thing that it was fun to make was the base, because I had to do the design. It was almost all made with styrene plastic using the vacuum-forming technique. And the other little pieces are aluminum and bronze tubes.

I hope you like it!

08 June 2011

Clone Trooper

This is the Clone Trooper 1/4 scale I made for Sideshow Collectibles, which was presented at the 2010 Comicon.

30 March 2010

Colgate Sensitive

This is a model I made for a Production company for the presentation of a new Colgate product. It has approximately 70cm  (27.6 inches) in height and it was made with plastic. In one of the photos you can see the difference of height between a real water bottle and the model.

09 March 2010

STAR WARS Fan Trailer

This is a fan Star Wars Trailer I did. The models like the Tie Fighter, the Droid Fightrer, the Probe Droid and the Trench Tower I made them from scatch, and the rest are pictures I took from the internet and film. And I put all together with After Effects.